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A decisive factor in competition is know-how. We advise on the creation of a systematic know-how protection concept and advise and represent you in all stages of intellectual property protection, including the application for and defence of intellectual property rights. Insofar, we cooperate with specialised patent lawyers, in particular with respect to technical rights, such as patents, utility models etc.

Marketing does not take place in a lawless environment. We check your advertising and promotion activities for compliance with the applicable laws on competition, unfair trade practices etc. While we represent you against competitors that do not play by the rules, we take care of your online business to be compliant and legally safe.

We are an experienced partner in the organisation and implementation of a distribution organisation at home and abroad. We know of the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distribution and the international customs. We are used to draft and negotiate agency, distributorship, franchise and license agreements and support you in the establishment of distribution subsidiaries abroad, usually together with competent local advisors from our international network.