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Dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation

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There is a trend in Germany as well as internationally to alternative dispute resolution, i.e. dispute resolution out of state courts.

Often a mediation proceeding is required by law or according to stipulations in various types of agreements before a party may go to court or initiate arbitration proceedings. We represent you in mediation proceedings and often also act as (certified) mediators.

In particular with respect to international business transactions, parties tend to prefer arbitration over litigation in state courts. Commercial arbitration allows for a much more flexible procedure, and the arbitration tribunal may have to meet qualifications according to the needs of the parties, e.g. with respect to language, legal skills, industry knowledge etc.

We represent you in arbitration proceedings, domestic as well as international, according to all major arbitration associations and also in so-called ad hoc proceedings. We are used to conduct proceedings in German, English, French and Italian. Some of our partners are acting as arbitrators for many years and have also published on (international) arbitration.