Legal questions concerning "Corona"

The Corona pandemic (Covid-19) affects not only our social lives but also legal and in particular contractual relationships. Enterprises and individuals are facing problems now that have not been foreseen. We are prepared to provide information on the major legal issues and assist with solutions for all legal problems arising therefrom.

We also refer you to the brochure "COVID-19 - Contract Law in the Corona Crisis" by DIRO Business, which you may access on the internet under the link There you will find supplementary information on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on international contractual relationships.

Supply contracts

Supplies ordered have to be accepted and paid for, unless the supply contract itself contains different stipulations - that is rare. We help to check and argue the legal situation.

Delivery contracts

Delivery obligations are suspended or even cancelled only under very extraordinary and indeed extreme situations amounting to a factual impossibility to perform, unless the contract stipulations provide for otherwise. Payment obligations have to be met in any case! We help to check and argue the legal situation.

International contracts

International commercial contracts may be subject to one or more different national laws and, therefore, may create additional problems regarding the right to suspend, terminate or cancel such contracts in difficult times under the doctrines of hardship, frustration clausula rebus sic stantibus, force majeure and impossibility. We help to check and argue the legal situation.